Lunch Special  
    12-3 / Tue - Fri  
    Every Lunch Special comes with choice of  
     one FREE Soft Drink or one FREE glass of Beer !!  
    We serve USDA Organic Chicken Breast and All Natural KUROBUTA (Berkshire Black Pork)  
     Shabu-Shabu Too, You can substitute Chicken or Pork with Beef at same price.  
    All Lunch Specials may substitute SUKIYAKI  with Shabu-Shabu at same price  
  L1 )   Orignal Beef, Chicken, or Pork Shabu-Shabu   16  
  L2 )   Large Shrimp Shabu-Shabu   18  
  L3 )   Jumbo Scallop Shabu-Shabu   18  
  L4 )   Japanese Mushroom and Vegetable Shabu-Shabu   12  
  Choose one Mushroom from Shiitake, Maitake, Shimeji or Enoki  
  L5 )   1/2 each of Choice of 2-meats     16  
  L6 )   Choice of 1/2 meat and 1/2 Shrimp     17  
  L7 )   Choice of 1/2 meat and 1/2 Scallop     17  
  L8 )   1/2 Shrimp and 1/2 Scallop   18  
  L9 )   WAGYU Beef Shabu-Shabu   47  
  L10)   1/2 WAGYU Beef and 1/2 of Shrimp or Scallop   32  
  For all Entrée, Additions and Lunch Special :  Thoroughly cooking foods of Meats and Seafoods reduces lisk of food borne illness. Young children, the elderly and individuals with certain health condition may be at a higher risk if these foods are consumed raw or undercooked.    SNHD Chapter 3-401.11-C